Life on Mars

While we still have many days left before being replenished we have had to start rationing of basic foods. Its not such a big inconvenience but has created issues such as hoarding and debates as to who needs what. While outside work is more strenuous and demanding, food is apportioned to suit the overall needs of base camp. Generally everyone is being sensible and appreciates the necessity of the new regulations.

It would be helpful if you can get back to us after the solar storm as we need to check our forward order and confirm who is going back on the return journey.

The forward camp is now established in the Trimerrion Sea and doing well with soil samples and hydroponic vegetation.  They have been away from Base Camp for two months and appear in good spirits. As a small remote team I thought they would have missed us more but communications are short and brief with just basic updates. While we have rationed our food stock they must be close to the end of their supplies as they are already 10 days overdue for a return visit with Red Buggy 2.

In a short transmission last month Jim Franton (Medical Lead) said they were starting to use some natural minerals in the hydroponic nursery with improvements on crop growth time plus vegetables were starting to have flavour, an improvement on the bland first crops from earth seeds. While I was happy with this progress I wasn’t happy they were taking shortcuts in creating localised food without observing full test protocols. Advancements in self sufficiency are exactly what we need to grow the colony but they have to be controlled and monitored.

Jim followed up with a message last Wednesday which had me concerned. He said the team had never felt better since setting up the forward camp. No anxiety, mood swings or hankering to get back to MBC, They were happy on their own, feeling quite at home and upbeat about long term commitment to staying. Crop growth was up 30%, all products were being consumed and the drilling team felt they were near to finding a sub terrain river bed. Which had eluded us for many years.

I complimented the forward team on their success and asked for some data so I could understand their progress.

Peter Janasson (Camp Leader) said he was going to send half the team back in Red Buggy2 with not just the their success story (research paper and data) but a full compliment of their new food produce and seeds for Base Camp to nurture. He ended saying he couldn’t wait to cook the home grown produce and get us all on board with the new lease of life it brings.

I’m waiting for his arrival tomorrow –

As above please get back to me once the storm has passed –

MBC commander S.G